Open. Trusting. Collaborative.

Your decision to move forward with me will revolve around your very specific needs. What I can do, is promise to provide the most effective, customized coaching relationship conditions and processes to help you realize your full leadership potential. 

You will experience an open, trusting relationship. Our starting point will focus on understanding your career track including successes and challenges. We will assess your current situation and, most importantly, your aspirations. We will explore new possibilities that are relevant, achievable and aspirational including the identification of  blind spots that may have been restricting you.

By implementing a structured and customized coaching process you will gain greater clarity about who you are, what you want and what you need to do to become  a more confident, decisive and effective leader.                             

The following are characteristics you will experience in working with me.

Collaboration - Our relationship will be a partnership of equals built on mutual trust.

Integrity - All discussions will be held in strict confidence with a clear understanding of what may be shared with others.

Free of judgement - We will listen to understand with curiosity and refrain from problem solving.

Challenging - We will challenge each other to reach consensus and avoid assumption.

Perspective - We will seek the perspective of others to gain a complete, relevant picture.

Communication - We will be direct, supportive and clear.

Impact - We will focus on making real change to beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Patience & Empathy - We will mutually understand that real change takes time.

Accountability - We will be accountable to each other on all fronts to ensure a mutual commitment to progress.