We can do things we never imagined possible. With rigorous preparation, commitment and focus what once seemed out of reach comes well within our grasp.
— Roger Clarkson

Executive coaching specializing in leadership development, onboarding and sounding board services

High trust

A coaching conversation requires high levels of mutual trust between client and coach. Creating and sustaining this high-trust relationship is what gives coaching its power. I actively listen and challenge my client’s assumptions to increase their awareness of latent talents and how they view their world. I help clients close the gap between what they are capable of and what they are currently doing.


Leadership Development

Few individuals are natural-born leaders. My skill lies in enabling clients to improve focus and hone their abilities in critical areas.

To help you assess your interest and need for executive coaching consider questions such as these:

  • How would you describe your current leadership style? Would your peers, direct reports and superiors say the same?
  • Are you aware of any gaps between your perception and those of others?

If you're unsure, you may find it advantageous to contact me for a no-obligation, no-charge preliminary conversation where we can begin to create a plan.

We can:

  • Identify and confirm your personal leadership development needs.
  • Create a step-by-step leadership development plan outlining specific steps, actions and metrics.
  • Create a personal Leadership Brand Profile.

I ensure that clients understand and embrace the difference between leading and managing by developing new skills, attitudes and behaviours that make the difference real.

With specific goals in mind, I help clients enhance their capabilities with regard to business acumen, relationship management, communications effectiveness, team leadership, and strategic planning.


Moving into a new role or company is one of the most difficult situations to deal with in a leader's career because you will be confronted with many challenges, opportunities and questions. For example:

  • Have you been given access to critically relevant documents such as the strategic plan, the financial plan, the organizational structure?
  • To whom should you talk to reconfirm your new mandate, key accountabilities and authorities?
  • With whom should you meet right away to gain insight into opportunities and challenges with specific regard to your role?
  • What are the key questions to ask?
  • When should you communicate your management philosophy, operating principles and expectations?
  • When and how do you start to assess the strength of your management team?

These queries are just a few that begin to scratch at the surface. There are many more that must be explored with a plan. Business today demands that new executives begin to operate as effectively as possIble within the first 100 days. Getting off to a strong start creates a strong foundation for sustained momentum. Research shows that 40% of executives fail within the first 18 months.* This number can be dramatically reduced with a well-considered 100-day action plan. Getting off to a strong start creates a solid foundation for positive momentum to help achieve great long-term performance for both the client and the organization.

Sounding Board

Senior-level leadership can be lonely and executives often feel isolated while shouldering great demands.  Significant decisions must be made about strategy, processes, systems and people on an ongoing basis. Many executives welcome the chance to engage in private conversation with an independent, experienced and objective third party who has no agenda other than to support them. I offer clients a non-judgemental and objective opportunity for confidential conversation.

*Forbes, February 17, 2012 New Job?  Get a Head Start Now

How could you benefit from my coaching support? Contact me at roger@rogerclarkson.ca or on 416-520-0201 to arrange a complimentary coaching session.