Executive coaching endorsements

Here’s what people with whom I’ve worked have to say. Perhaps their remarks will help guide your choice.

Executive team member, National distributor of industrial supplies: “I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Roger as my Executive Coach.  Roger’s approach to coaching, his vast experience, humility and listening skills quickly established an environment of complete trust where I could be vulnerable without fear of judgement.  He helped accelerate my on-boarding in my new role by addressing my top priorities and helped me establish my leadership brand profile.  Roger operates with a high degree of integrity and cares deeply for his clients and their success.  I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Roger and I hope to be fortunate enough to work with Roger again.”

General Manager Ontario, Canada's #1 Industry Leader: "I just completed onboarding work with Roger as I transitioned into a senior leadership role in a new organization. Roger's ability to break down barriers, help clearly identify critical relationship needs within the organization to create quick wins through active listening were key to helping me be successful. Don't mistake Roger's relaxed demeanour for complacency. Roger's passion for my personal success and proactive approach in coaching were critical. Roger cares and operates with a high degree of integrity."

Senior Partner, Global Professional Services Firm: "I was a candidate for one of our firm's global executive roles. This opportunity required attendance at two week-long executive development programs. A key part of the program also involved working with an executive coach in order to formulate an accelerated executive leadership development plan including the formalization of my career aspirations. I selected Roger Clarkson as my coach given his diverse background and career experience. We established a relaxed, open and confidential relationship. I found Roger to be a confident coach who understood and related to my situation.

Roger is an excellent listener, who quickly developed techniques to break down barriers and enable me to find insightful solutions. With his strong relationship skills he helped me to better understand and articulate my career aspirations, as well as identify one or two barriers that were holding me back from aggressively pursuing my career goals. In the end I was able to formalize plan and proposed time lines for accelerating my development. As a result, I am now a more confident and focused leader with a clear sense of career momentum and direction."

Senior V.P. and General Counsel: "I recently had the pleasure of working with Roger as my coach regarding a significant business challenge. Roger's excellent listening and observation skills were key to me increasing my self-awareness. With this new self-awareness and Roger's sage advice, I was able to identify and make the behavioural changes required to successfully resolve this challenge."

High Potential for Leadership Team, Tier One Home Services Company: "Preparing to join the executive team I needed a coach. Personal development can be lonely and where to find help can be unclear. I was referred to Roger and contacting him was one of the best decisions I made. Roger helped me redefine my leadership brand and coached me through the journey from senior management to executive leadership. He was always there for me, ensuring I understood and established key cross-functional relationships and developing exceptional emotional intelligence skills. Roger operates with a high level of integrity, he's passionate about his craft and active in his follow up."

Regional Managing Partner, Global Professional Services Firm: "Roger is a seasoned veteran who has lots of applicable experience working for global organizations and as a professional coach. He helped me in many ways as I ramped up in my new role, from developing a detailed plan, to ongoing interactive coaching, to an appropriate 'push' when I found myself stuck. He was incredibly responsive and flexible in his working style. I have seen meaningful results as a result of my relationship with him."

Senior Director, Major U.S. Not-for-Profit: “Roger establishes a bond of trust right from the first meeting and is interested in your success throughout the relationship.” 

Managing Partner, Global Professional Services Firm: “Roger is able to build relationships effortlessly and through insightful questioning add significant value to every interaction. I can think of no finer person to engage with as an executive coach. With his career experience, life experience and true passion for people, it would be exceptionally difficult not to benefit from his guidance.”

Newly appointed executive leadership team member, Canadian Not-for-Profit: “Roger played an important role in assisting me in my transition to an executive level position. His advice and guidance helped to reinforce what I needed to focus on during this transition. He introduced me to new ideas and concepts that built off of my existing experiences and provided a more disciplined approach as I was developing plans." 

Chief Human Resources Officer, Global Semiconductor corporation: “Roger brought a unique perspective and skill set as he truly understood the leadership skills, competencies and experiences required for many different roles as well as the importance of cultural fit. His assessment of executives and constructive suggestions helped us quickly integrate new leaders with a great rate of success.”

Executive Recruiter/Management Consultant: “Roger’s experience and compassionate approach helps me give voice to my heart when faced with tough decisions. I’m able to understand my own motivations better and make different choices.”

SVP Human Resources, Global Technology company: “Roger offered a unique ability to learn about our companies quickly, combined with his high integrity and willingness to set the stage for open and candid conversations. Given his extensive career experience, he is very comfortable dealing with the most senior executives.”

Senior Director, Large American Not-for-Profit: “When our coaching relationship began I felt I was alone within my organization. Over the course of the next several months, a strong sense of momentum for the strategy I was leading began to emerge. Everywhere I turned, the broader team of colleagues and senior leaders grew stronger. Roger was with me at each of those turns to help position me for success.”

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