Are you on the right path?

Inukshuk means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. Inukshuk are monuments made of stone used by the Inuit for navigation, communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "You are on the right path.” As such, it is a powerful metaphor for executive coaching. Executives find themselves in uncharted territory, facing new challenges, threats and opportunities. I help guide my clients through this sometimes foreign territory. 

My path to executive coaching

In retrospect my journey to executive coaching makes great sense. My collective experience in increasingly senior positions in a variety of businesses created in me a breadth of perspective and perception that makes my current role highly logical and effective. It was accomplished though without much forethought. I, like many executives, progressed through my career in an opportunistic manner and some might consider my achievements partially due to good fortune - right place and right time. Today’s business world doesn’t accommodate this sort of progression. It’s a complex, fast-paced world where senior leaders must operate within an ever changing intensely global environment. Finding one’s way can be as daunting as the Inuit finding their way through the Arctic. 

I will help you create actionable plans

While each coaching situation is unique, there are some issues common to most leaders. I assist my clients on several fronts including:

  • Improving performance on a required competency - communications, delegation, planning, time management.
  • Increasing emotional intelligence - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management.
  • Increasing capacity to become reflective and active in the moment - What's really happening? What am I thinking/feeling? What are my options?
  • Preparing for a new opportunity - understanding the desired goal, identifying and leveraging strengths, creating a plan of action.
  • Optimizing the first 100 days - learning the lay of the land, modelling style and behaviour, building relationships, setting the vision, building visible metrics.

Who am I?

I am an exceptional listener who excels in the art of conversation.

I am known as a builder of strong, long lasting relationships and a seasoned executive, consultant and coach.

I have great respect for my client’s experience, perspective and need for absolute confidentiality.

I am a fully-qualified executive coach trained at one of the leading global coaching certification institutions, The Hudson Institute of Coaching located in Santa Barbara, California.

I don’t engage in jargon-filled banter but rather enable my clients to develop and implement achievable plans of action wherein we hold each other accountable. 

To be able to relate to the particular needs of the senior executive, you should elect to work with a coach who possesses substantial executive experience.
— Roger Clarkson



My career so far

Certified Executive Coach, The Hudson Institute of Coaching, Santa Barbara, California

Associate Member of the International Coaching Federation, Toronto Chapter

Various senior leadership roles in major organizations:

  • Consultant/Partner, Spencer Stuart
  • VP Marketing, Southam Inc.
  • Senior VP Marketing, Brand Management, Sports & Entertainment, Molson Breweries

Former member of two executive committees

Former advisory board member

Masters of Business Administration

B.A., Psychology & Economics

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