Are you a candidate for executive coaching?

If you've ever asked any (or all) of these questions, you may be an ideal candidate.

"I am regarded as a high-potential employee. How do I prepare myself for the next big role?"

"I am a first-time CEO. I feel isolated and don’t know with whom to share my ideas, concerns and doubts. I don’t feel comfortable, yet, sharing these concerns with my board or members of my management team."

"After the merger, I find myself struggling to adapt to a new culture."

Preparing to join the executive team I needed a coach. Personal development can be lonely and where to find help can be unclear. I was referred to Roger and contacting him was one of the best decisions I made. Roger helped me redefine my leadership brand and coached me through the journey from senior management to executive leadership. He was always there for me, ensuring I understood and established key cross-functional relationships and developing exceptional emotional intelligence skills. Roger operates with a high level of integrity, he’s passionate about his craft and active in his follow up.
— High-potential leadership candidate, tier one home services company

Maybe these issues strike a chord with you?

"I have just been promoted to our executive management committee and while excited, I am a little anxious. The people on it are considerably more experienced than I." 

"I have been asked to create a strategic plan for my function and I have no real strategic planning experience."

"I have been appointed to a national role and must lead my function through a major transition."

Roger is able to build relationships effortlessly and through insightful questioning add significant value to every interaction. I can think of no finer person to engage with as an executive coach. With his career experience, life experience and true passion for people, it would be exceptionally difficult not to benefit from his guidance.
— Managing Partner, Global Professional Services Firm

If any of this sounds familiar, we should talk. I have helped many people in situations such as yours find actionable answers and strategies to accelerate their leadership abilities. 

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are you serious about accelerating your leadership development? contact me at or on 416-520-0201 to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

are you serious about accelerating your leadership development? contact me at or on 416-520-0201 to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

My job

“Coaching others is a privilege and an honour. My job, as an executive coach, is to help clients see themselves and the world with fresh perspective, to guide and encourage them in the development of new leadership capabilities, confidence and effectiveness.”

Roger Clarkson


Why coaching?

“Clients come to coaching because they want something to change. Essentially they want to be more effective and the core purpose of coaching is to increase self-awareness, to make choices explicit, and to close the gap between what they are capable of and what they are currently doing. The role of a coach is to help them achieve this with increased effectiveness.”

Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches with 25 years of successful experience



"Great listeners are able to guide conversation to a deeper, more reflective level through relevant questioning. This enhances the learning for both client and executive coach."

Roger Clarkson